July 24th Update

As you are aware, Umatilla County has among the highest rates of COVID-19 infection in the state. While much of the increase is due to activity west of us, the virus spread has increased locally and within the reservation.

A couple notes of interest on the Surveillance Summary for this week. There have been 57 positive cases Yellowhawk Tribal Health Clinic is managing, but this is a cumulative total since June 16th more than five weeks ago. Only 20 of those cases are active and in isolation, 36 have recovered, meaning they completed their isolation, their symptoms have resolved, and they are no longer contagious, and sadly, one tribal member has passed away.

The majority of infections are among younger persons who may not be as inclined to social distance or wear a mask. While younger individuals generally don't experience severe illness with COVID-19, it is possible that the virus will spread and affect elders and other vulnerable persons who may have more severe symptoms. We urge everyone, young and old, to follow basic prevention measures: (1) stay home/stay safe (2) If you go out, wear a mask indoors, and if outside and unable to maintain a distance of six feet from others, wear a mask, (3) maintain a safe six foot distance from others unless immediate family members who reside in the household, (4) wash your hands frequently and clean high contact surfaces, (5) avoid social or other gatherings of more than 10 people, (6) don't travel outside the area unless you absolutely have to, and be aware of and avoid hotspots. We provide a regularly updated map on this site so you know the places to avoid if you must travel.


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